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There Once was a Barmaid From Wales...

7th July, 2005. 1:17 am.

I'm so proud of myself. I drove to Six Flags and back today WITHOUT an adult AND there wasn't a single accident or near run-in AND I didn't scream a lot at the other drivers. Weird, huh?

Six Flags is starting to worry me a bit. They were charging $8.00 for a soda, and there was a game in one of the shops called "Six Flags-opoly."....The Six Flags version of Monopoly....Wow....


Good news! (This is mostly for Yaika.) The kitten seems to be fine and Keri found her a good home on her own, so all is well. Thanks for trying to help, though. You're an angel.

Current mood: happy.

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4th July, 2005. 3:43 pm.

A friend of mine was driving in a deserted area last night and found a kitten that was beaten up pretty badly and curled up on the side of the road. She doesn't know how it got that way, but she thinks it'll pull through.

Her parents say they have too many pets as it is, so they won't let her keep it. Is anyone interested in adopting a tabby kitten that's around maybe a month old?

Current mood: hopeful.

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2nd July, 2005. 11:32 pm.

It's official. I'm a murderer. I was driving on the way home from work and a rabbit shot out into the road from nowhere. I couldn't stop. I swerved. Just to be sure I didn't hit it, PRAYING I miss it, I turned back around and turned on my brights. A little ways down the road, I see it. Twitching. Trying to run. I killed it, but not only did I kill it, I killed it slowly. I pulled over and stood over it in the middle of the road to see if I could save it. It just looked up at me. I watched it die. The last thing it saw was me, it's killer, standing over it's body. God...I'm a murderer.

Current mood: devastated.

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30th June, 2005. 7:57 pm.

I was just involved in the worst road rage incident of my life.

I'm too spent to discuss it in detail right now, but here's a teaser: The driver got out of his car in the middle of a busy street taunting me and waving a bat.

Curious how it got that far? So am I. What the hell?

Current mood: enraged/tired.

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30th June, 2005. 12:03 pm.

Okay. You guys will be SO proud of me. I went to the dentist yesterday to get the chip on my tooth fixed, and I found out once I got there that NEEDLES WOULD BE INVOLVED. I don't know why it never occurred to me to think of that prior to the visit. When I found out, I just took a deep breath and kept going.

They gave me some gas to breathe in to help me relax and gave me three injections when it just started taking affect. Granted, I was under the influence, but STILL! I didn't whine, complain, cry, or stall. Emily knows what I'm talking about. ;) I'm a BIG girl, now.

At some point during the procedure, I really wanted to sleep. The alarm on the machine went off shortly after my eyes closed. I heard my dentist shout to his attendants, "She needs OXYGEN!" So I got no more gas. :( Sad for me.

Good news: They did a good job.

Bad news: I made plans yesterday that fell through. Then the plans I made after that fell through. Damn traffic, museums, and movie theatres.

Oh! I got the BEST shirt at Hot Topic yesterday. It's black and in white writing across the chest, it says:


Current mood: pleasant enough.

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27th June, 2005. 6:45 pm.

Ugh...SMU is sending out their Greek life post card with (what I assume are) all the sorority presidents on the front. THEY'RE ALL BLONDE!!! I'm hoping that's just a freakish coincidence. PLEASE let it just be a coincidence. My consideration of getting involved with them has SERIOUSLY been called into question. (No offense to my blonde friends, of course. These are just...you know...stereotypical blondes. You should see them.)

I feel like doing something tonight. Anyone feel like doing something with me?

Current mood: apprehensive.

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23rd June, 2005. 7:21 pm.

Hahaha. I love my grandparents.

They're on vacation driving through Mississippi. Apparently, there was some highway construction going on and they were stuck in one-lane traffic. By the time the cars started moving again, my grandfather discovered that his car wouldn't start. It stalled or something. So they were holding up traffic for two solid hours.

Finally, a highway patrolman drove up and told him he needed to move his car. My grandfather looked up at him in exasperation and said matter-of-factly, "Well, I'm open to suggestions."

I'm surprised my grandmother didn't say anything. She's quite outspoken. Imagine that that particular gene of voicing your opinion gets divided in half with each generation. Look at me. Think of what my dad must be like. And shudder in horror at what my grandmother must be capable of. ;)

Current mood: amused.

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22nd June, 2005. 1:55 am.

The Wicked soundtrack is still running as strong as ever through my head. Day an night. *sigh* I find myself singing it everywhere. Even work. Heh. My co-workers are crazy. They walked in on me singing to myself while I was putting stuff away in an isolated area and demanded that I sing whatever song they requested for the rest of the night. One actually tried to convince me to consider American Idol. Hahaha. Um. I may not SUCK, per se, but my GOODNESS. That's really going overboard. If they liked MY voice, then I need to introduce them to Amanda Rivera or Michelle or Alyssa or Kelsy or a countless number of other people that'd blow me out of the friggin' water.

Along with my singing fever that's yet to break, I can't stop wanting to go dancing. Matt showed up at the movie theatre - yes, you! - and more discussions WILL take place on where I can find some good underage dancing clubs. *drools* I NEED this. I need to go dancing. So, Matt, this conversation WILL happen, will it not? *bats eyelashes*

On a final note, YOU GUYS SUCK! :) Does no one have something to say about Shakespeare? The only response I got to that soul-searing excerpt of a sonnet was Emily's blatant refusal to think of anything like that outside of school. I guess I can understand that. Maybe my love for it is fleeting and freakish and I should just enjoy what's left of summer without using my brain. That actually sounds....Nah. I'll stick with what I have. Whateva. You guys are missing out. ;)

Current mood: bashful.

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17th June, 2005. 11:16 pm.

O me! What eyes hath Love put in my head, 
Which have no correspondence with true sight? 
Or if they have, where is my judgement fled, 
That censures falsely what they see aright? 
If that be fair whereon my false eyes dote, 
What means the world to say it is not so? 
If it be not, then love doth well denote, 
Love's eye is not so true as all men's: no, 
How can it? O how can Love's eye be true, 
That is so vexed with watching and with tears?
No marvel then though I mistake my view: 
The sun itself sees not, till heaven clears. 
O cunning Love, with tears thou keep'st me blind, 
Lest eyes well seeing thy foul faults should find. 


It never made so much sense to me in my life. I'm...speechless. He really was brilliant, wasn't he? He knew humans like no other. I know, because he knows me so well. Thanks for the insight, Bill.

Every single one of you should read this excerpt of the sonnet at least twice. See exactly he was trying to say. See it. Feel it. Don't just look at it.

I'd like to know how you interpret it. Please share with the group.

Current mood: numb.

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16th June, 2005. 7:59 pm.

I'm starting to regret buying the Wicked soundtrack. The songs are running through my head over and over and over and over....

Fact of life: You've hit rock bottom in boredom when you begin to consider MTV as daytime entertainment. Ugh....Room Raiders.....These stupid and seemingly innocent people might actually lead us to the missing link.

Current mood: bored.

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